Thursday, 14 December 2017

Who shall I spend my next week with?

I find myself pondering who to choose next. Along the way, I have already chosen the Foo FightersINXSPink and Amy Winehouse. There's been Arctic MonkeysBeyonceJustin Timberlake and Goldfrapp.

I've listened to ColdplayKate BushBlondie and BritneyMadonnaKings of LeonOasis and REMRihannaTaylor SwiftThe Rolling Stones and Calvin Harris. I've chosen KyliePalomaRobbie Williams and StereophonicsTake ThatKaiser Chiefs and The Killers.

So who do I pick next? At this point, I am considering Adele, Katy Perry or maybe U2. Possibly The Spice Girls or Girls Aloud. Or I might go rock and think ACDC or Guns and Roses. I might go indie and choose Green Day or go classic old school with a bit of The Who or The Beatles.

So many choices, I shall mull it over a little longer. :)

Summer Bodies are Made in Winter

Its winter, heading into spring. I am looking forward to my holidays in spring, and I want a beach body. The important thing to remember though, is that the body I want to have in summer will be made right now, in winter.

Long, dark, cold nights = exercise, exercise and more exercise. This is something I've never really thought about before. I always get mid spring and then start thinking about it. The thing is though, that summer bodies are made in winter.

I am going to remember this and put it into action. Working hard when I don't have to display any flesh, so that when the time comes when the weather warms up and I do, is the plan. When it gets warm, I want to able to wear light, skimpy summer numbers without the dread feeling I usually get.

So here is the plan:

  • PT twice a week
  • 2-3 additional gym sessions per week
  • 30 day body challenge (different ones x 2) 
  • morning exercise every week day
  • 10,000 steps per day
  • lots of protein
  • cut down on carbs
  • cut down on sugar
  • walk everywhere
  • cut down on alcohol
  • lose 2 stone
And there we have it. My summer body is going to be made in winter. I love a good plan :) 

My Travels in Gran Canaria - 2016

So 2016 saw us once more in the very wonderful Gran Canaria. I love having a glass of wine as the sun gets low in the sky as you get the most beautiful light - so romantic.

It began at the airport with Boofle and of course the obligatory pint! Never is it the time other than holidays when its like 8am!

Our hotel was right next to the beach and the lighthouse, and at night the pool was lit up and beautiful. 

It may not look hot, but its so deceptive. It can be cloudy and dull one minute, then blistering hot the next. I love the variation in how it makes the sea look. Some days it looks murky grey, then it looks crystal blue. 

I loved our holiday. We had so many laughs and hugs and of course selfies! Has to be done.

This was our first time in GC not all inclusive. Breakfast was included but not lunch and evening. So we sampled the food - wow. 

Tapas is a huge thing in GC. So many choices! So we tried a few - spanish potatoes, bruschetta, croquettes - absolutely gorgeous.

The beach is beautiful. The weather makes such a difference. In the morning its usually a bit cloudy, then the sun tends to burn through making it bright white and blue. Then storms come and go. Wonderful place.

GC is just the best - my favourite place in the world. 

Christmas Hamper 2017 Competition

Christmas Hamper 2017 Competition: WIN THE ULTIMATE CHRISTMAS HAMPER WORTH £1000 Forget baskets full of cheese and biscuits; we’ve teamed up with a bunch of our favourite brands to give

Christmas Songs Day 14 - Mud 'Lonely This Christmas'

Day 14 then and today its the wonderful 'Lonely This Christmas' from Mud.

Released back in 1974, unlike many of the Christmas songs on my list so far, this one actually did reach the top spot in the UK singles chart.

'Lonely This Christmas' is quite a slow song, but Mud themselves were more Glam Rock than crooner, so quite unusual really. I always thought this was Elvis when I was little!!

Great song, and still going as a faithful on Christmas compilations. So there we have it - Day 14.

Here are the previous ones:

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Day 12 - Aled Jones 'Walking in the Air'
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Let it Snow, let it snow, let it snow

We have had quite a heavy fall of snow in our part of the world. Whilst for some, it meant trudging through the traffic to work, we were lucky in not having to be anywhere so just got to have fun and simply enjoy the white stuff!

Learning Spanish Christmas Special #4

  • trifle - nimiedad
  • reindeer - reno
  • santa - de santa
and the previous ones:
  • turkey - Turquía
  • advent - adviento
  • tinsel - oropel
  • fairy lights - luces de hadas
  • presents - regalos
  • family - familia
  • Christmas - Navidad
  • Christmas tree - árbol de Navidad
  • snow - nieve