Thursday, 11 January 2018

My Travels - Hoar Cross Hall - Looking Back

We recently went to Hoar Cross Hall for a spa weekend. I can report that it was fabulous. This is the entrance, which is impressive. 

All around the outside of the building and in the grounds are beautiful sculptures and statues. 

The grounds are pristine. Sculptured hedges, manicured lawns, gravel pathways. 

Looking back at the house as we explored the grounds, it looked absolutely superb. This is one impressive building. 

There are little sunken gardens, and secret entrances. This statue was in a secluded little garden area, and overgrown with moss. It looked even more pretty as a result. 

Nestled at the end of a gravel path, this bench just invites you to sit back and take it all in. 

Spooky twisted old trees line the walkways and paths, adding to the atmosphere. 

The front of the building and the main entrance make you feel like royalty. Statues of deer are on the lawns.

You really do feel like you are in the height of finery and that you are somewhere very special. And thats just the outside of the place!