Friday, 12 January 2018

My Perfect Packing List

I do not travel light...

After many years of travelling, I think I have just about perfected the perfect packing list to make sure I am prepared for anything!!

Here it is:

  • Beach towel (if self catering)
  • Towel pegs (great invention to keep your towel on your sunbed!)
  • Sun cream (absolute must)
  • Body butter / after sun
  • Socks, pants, bras
  • Assorted bikinis - some suitable for water parks or jumping in the sea - supportive ones!
  • 2 x sarong
  • 2 x kaftans - one black, one white
  • Flip flops for around the pool and in the room
  • Walking shoes for beach and waterproof
  • Evening shoes - 1 x kitten heels, 1 x pumps, 1 x posh flat sandals
  • 2 x shorts for day
  • 1 x skirt for day
  • 6 assorted vest tops for day
  • Deodorant and mini body spray
  • Hair brush and tangle teezer
  • Hair bobbles and clips
  • Make up kit, including bronzer and one shade darker than usual
  • Nail polish and remover pads
  • Make up remover wipes, cleanser and toner
  • Eye cream, moisturiser and tinted moisturiser
  • Cotton buds and pads
  • Plasters, insect bite cream, savlon, eye drops
  • Probiotics, energy effervescent, aspirin, gaviscon, dioralyte
  • Toothpaste mini, mouthwash mini, toothbrush
  • Body wash, shampoo, conditioner, soap, razor, body scrub
  • Evening outfits - incl 1 x smart trousers / black jeans, dresses and skirts
  • Evening cover ups (in case the temperature drops or you have too much sun!)
  • Power brick for wires and travel plugs
  • Separate purse for currency (less confusing, just stick English one in the safe)
  • Evening bag, beach bag, backpack for hand luggage and for walking
  • Folder for passports and tickets and insurance paperwork
  • Playing cards, notepad and pen
  • Sunglasses x 3 pairs - best ones, day time ones
  • Cami set for night time - cool and loose
  • Hats - baseball hat, floppy hat - nothing worse than a burnt head!
  • Hair dryer, straighteners, hair serum mini
  • Warm fleece - for the return journey
  • Clothes for the return journey 
Now, obviously this is for warmer climes - but still good to be prepared even when heading somewhere hot! Socks, cover ups, you never know - best to have them and not need them. I always come in around 18-20KG on my packing, depending on what clothes I decide on, but that's easy to reduce if need be. 

I've learned over the years what I need, what I don't and what comes in mighty handy :)