Sunday, 17 September 2017

Things to do in September

  • deadhead summer plants
  • Blackpool lights
  • End of the Road Festival
  • enjoy the last of the long nights
  • X factor starts again
  • Go to the St Leger festival
  • reset your heating timer and thermostat
  • plant next years flowering bulbs
  • collect and sow perennial seeds
  • start to clear up the leaves
  • clean your windows inside and out
  • open your windows before it gets too cold
  • have a last late summer bbq
  • go to Gladfest in Wales
  • cook a local stew or broth - our version is lobby
  • go to a food festival
  • learn to cook something new
  • start your pre Christmas shape up
  • write your Christmas list
  • net your pond
  • go to the Totally Thames Festival
  • visit a British city
  • go to a pub quiz
  • back to school 
  • sign up for a college course
  • get a good book, find a comfy spot and get reading
  • enjoy a hot chocolate or speciality coffee
  • light up the fire pit and chimnea
  • get your tights out

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