Friday, 8 September 2017

My weight loss goals and rewards - one step at a time

I have quite a bit of weight to lose. Ok, so roughly half of it is post holiday and during holiday weight gain, but still a way to go. So Whilst I have posted previously about general rewards for my hard work, this time I am making it specific. 

I need to lose 3 stone, exactly. That is 42lbs. : Not one pound more, not one pound less. One thing I most certainly shall not be sharing with you is what that goal weight might be, as that would in doing so reveal my current load! Not happening. Maybe when I get to goal, admitting the starting point might be less terrifying, but as of now, its just well, terrifying!! 

I decided that giving myself a reward when I reach goal is entirely pointless - reaching goal is in itself the best reward I could ever hope to give to my own self. No, instead, I am going to take this one step at a time - break it down into small steps, and reward myself at each mini goal. Less daunting, more rewarding. So here is my reward list. 

Goal 1:  4lbs loss
  • Stud earrings
Goal 2: 7lbs loss - 1/2 stone (cumulative)
  • Courvoisier brandy for the decanter
Goal 3: 10lbs loss (cumulative)
  • Handbag
Goal 4: 12lbs loss (cumulative)
  • Yankee Candle
Goal 5: 14lbs - 1 Stone (cumulative)
  • Glass of wine out-out!
Goal 6: 16lbs (cumulative)
  • 5 new download books for my Kindle
Goal 7: 18lbs (cumulative)
  • 5 new itunes songs
Goal 8: 20lbs (cumulative)
  • new PJ's
Goal 9: 21lbs - 1 1/2 stone (cumulative) 
  • Glass of wine out-out!!
Goal 10: 23lbs (cumulative)
  • New bedding
Goal 11: 25lbs (cumulative)
  • Flowers for me or bulbs for the garden
Goal 12: 28lbs - 2 stone (cumulative)
  • Perfume and a glass of wine out-out!
Goal 13: 30lbs (cumulative)
  • Facial
Goal 14: 32lbs (cumulative)
  • Ear cuffs
Goal 15: 34lbs (cumulative)
  • 2 x Pandora charms
Goal 16: 35lbs - 2 1/2 stone (cumulative)
  • Book wedding
Goal 17: 36lbs (cumulative)
  • Pedicure
Goal 18: 37lbs (cumulative)
  • Laser hair removal
Goal 19: 38lbs (cumulative)
  • Massage
Goal 20: 39lbs (cumulative)
  • Belly button jewellery
Goal 21: 40lbs (cumulative)
  • Tattoo
Goal 22: 41lbs (cumulative)
  • Lingerie
Goal 23: 42lbs - 3 stone (cumulative) - GOAL
  • Holiday & book Honeymoon

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