Friday, 8 September 2017

Life's a beach - Canary Style

4 years ago we went on holiday to Gran Canaria for the first time. We went again in April this year.  Right now I'm so wishing I was there. Here is me looking out from our balcony at the beautiful beach at San Augustin:

It really was a beautiful place. I would definitely recommend the Canaries. I've been to most of the islands now - Fuerteventua and also Lanzarote. I want to go to Tenerife as the idea of a black sand beach sounds exciting, but GC has my heart. 

Gran Canaria has everything - blue seas, beautiful beaches, sand dunes, night life, shopping, boat trips, gorgeous food and good drinks. I absolutely love the place. Four times we have been now. I'm just reminiscing about that gorgeous beach. 

I wish I could be there now.