Sunday, 6 August 2017

The world is your Swimming Pool

You've heard the phrase - The World is Your Oyster right? You've no doubt heard the world is your ocean? Well, lets be realistic for a moment shall we?

Unless you are a billionaire, entrepeneur, with a private jet, loads of time and loads of people (minions) around you to deal with the day to day stuff, then you probably don't have the whole ocean.

Its like this. When you are born, you have all the opportunities in front of you. Some people are born to be athletes, or brain surgeons, or astronauts. Those are the few. They have the whole ocean to explore. For most people, we are either restricted from such achievements physically or academically, or have no desire to spend our entire lives working for greatness.

No, for most of us, the world is our swimming pool. We can still have a good old travel, swim in any direction, and have a lot of space, to find ourselves, to be successful. Some of us may have a pool more the size of a sea, if we push ourselves that is.

Why is this? Well, when you were a child someone probably told you once that you weren't very good at something - maybe spelling, or running - choose your option. You were probably also told you were good at something - you may well have been. However, just think how much those views that were imposed upon you shaped who you became?

Were you actually good at tennis, or did your parents want you to play? Were you actually good at English, or did your teacher just want you to try harder? Were you no good at netball, or was it just that other people were a bit better than you, or that you just needed time to learn?

Who knows how our lives are changed by such nonsense, based on pure opinion. Its as if someone sees you swimming along, doing alright by yourself, and drops a big dollop of unpleasantness in front of you. So you don't swim that way anymore, you go a different way.

Don't get me wrong - there are absolutely genuine examples where kids shine and excel with natural ability. But that isn't most of us. So we forge ahead, bolstered by what we are told we are good at, held back by fear of what we think we can't do.

So our ocean of opportunity shrinks. It becomes a sea, then it gets landlocked and before we know it, we have a pool. Some people have just a puddle as so many people throw stuff in their way, they can barely move. But most of us get left with a pool.

So I say this - if you are so hemmed in by what other people think of you, or think you should do, or shouldn't do, then get the cleaners in. Get that rubbish cleaned our of your pool!! Give yourself control back. If you only have a puddle to paddle in, you need to. The world is your swimming pool, but it could still be a big one!!:)