Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Are you a Kindle or Paperback?

I used to love nothing better than to curl up with a good book, of the paperback variety. I was never into hard backs personally, but a paperback, with a cover you could turn back - wonderful.

Then came the e-reader into my life. I didn't like it at first - I just couldn't get used to it. Then I learned the benefits. For the first time, half the weight of my hand luggage when I went on holiday used to be books. On average, I would get through 3-4 books in a week's holiday. That's  a lot of weight to carry. Plus if I changed my mind and wanted to read something else, more often than not I would end up buying another book at the airport.

So I began to buy ebooks. That first holiday without a paperback felt strange. But then I got to love how much cheaper it was, and how many I could take away with me!! Plus, I never have to part with them and can read them again. Quite often, the old holiday read would be a tatty mess by the time it had been slung in a bag, covered in sand and sun cream and splashed with water!!

No, the kindle had reigned supreme eventually and now, I never look back. I love the freedom, the choice, the longevity of it. I read even more than ever, the only thing that stops me is when the battery dies on me. However, I now have a nifty solution in the form a pebble which can power it up for an extra hour or two. Fabulous.

So are you a kindle person or a paperback?

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