Sunday, 7 May 2017

2017 is going to be my best year ever!!

Well, last year was amazing. I turned 40, got engaged, and went on 3 fabulous holidays - Mexico, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote. We saw The Kaiser Chiefs and ACDC with Axl Rose.

We went for amazing meals, lots of lovely walks, had a puppy - Coco. We went out, we stayed in, we watched great movies, had lots of laughs and great family times. I finished work, ended the year happy and saw in 2017 thinking nothing could better 2016.

Well let me tell you this year is shaping up!! We headed off to see The Who in April, and also took off for a week in Gran Canaria. Before that, I had my very first tattoo in March. We have already been for a Thai massage and lots of lovely meals. We have a trip to Barcelona in June, and then Rick Astley at Delamere in July.

As well as that, we have a white water rafting trip to book which is all paid for, and a holiday with G booked for August - Fuerteventura this time. Plus we always have another hol later in the year, so what a packed year already!! Fabulous darling :)