Monday, 16 January 2017

How to Make More Money ??

I am sitting pondering this point.  I am steadily getting rid of stuff I no longer need or want on ebay, which is accomplishing getting me some more pennies and decluttering the house.

But that got me thinking - is there a way to pay off your mortgage early? Am I missing something with regards to getting some extra £'s?

Here are my ideas so far:

  • Loyalty schemes - I use some, but I am going to explore this more
  • Coupons - not something I really explore - I am going to
  • Cashback - I dabble, but it seems that this can get you some good discounts etc.. 
  • Competitions - again, I dabble, but I do not have a system - work in progress
  • Ebay - already doing this, but is there a better way?
  • Second job - I could consider doing something additional maybe from home?
  • Online surveys - not sure if this is worthwhile, but I could give it a go
Anyone got any good ideas? Please feel free to share them. 

New Word of the Week - Salacious


  • arousing or appealing to sexual desire or imagination : lascivious
  • lecherous, lustful
  • Having or conveying undue or indecent interest in sexual matters: ‘salacious stories’
  • salaciously adverb
  • salaciousness noun

definitions derived from Oxford and Merriam Webster

28 Words of the Week - Looking Back

10 Pusillanimous
11 Countervail
12 Esemplastic
13 Churrigueresque
14 Inanity
15 Anachronism
16 Portmanteau
17 Requiescence
18 Phosphorescence
19 Sycophant
20 Obsequious
21 Gasconade
22 Convivial
23 Archetype
24 Pastiche
25 Disquietude
26 Rapacity
27 Metamorphose
28 Auspicious

Work out like the world is watching - give it your all

I read a quote that said dance like noone is watching. Great advice that - just let it go, let your hair down, shake it out.

However, the same does not apply to the gym. My quote - work out like the world is watching - give it your all. What's the difference you may ask?

I shall tell you. Dancing is more energetic when you do not care what you look like, whether you have rhythm or whether you have two left feet.

The gym however, is where just going through the motions kidding yourself that a slow plod will work wonders is not going to get you results. Since having a PT, I now realise that you have to push yourself.

So my advice is this - work out like you have your PT standing over you, and you are showing the world what you are made of. Don't spend your precious hour gossiping with your mate - you can go for a coffee, shopping or drinks to do that.

I'm not saying that a brisk low impact walk is bad for you, but I am saying that you get out what you put in. You've done the hard bit getting to the gym in the first place, so workout like the world is watching once you are there!! Give it your all!! :)

Today's Reason to Stick to my Diet #1

Number 1
#Reason No 1 - I want to look good in a bikini!! 

This is my intention to think of a reason every day to stick to my diet. 

If I can keep that thought in mind for each whole day, I hope it will be enough to keep me motivated and inspired. 

Today's Reason to be Cheerful post

Time for today's reasons to be cheerful post, and today, I am feeling much better having come down with a bit of the lurgy these past days or two. So that is one incredibly huge reason to be cheerful.

A further reason, is that despite feeling incredibly fed up for being sick, I have not given in to the usual inevitable giant tub of ice cream or chocolate bars, or crisps or anything of that kind in order to comfort eat. No, I have resisted. Granted I have not moved far from bed or the sofa, but thats still a pretty decent achievement. Pats self on the back in self congratulatory manner!!

It would appear I do have will power after all, and that is brilliant. Next on the list, I have finally started to get my act together in terms of what I want to do with my life post 40. I am positively brimming with ideas and creativity, and it feels good. I've had something of an absence lately and its back, and wow, I have missed it.

Very cheerful today. Good day. :)

How I am going to get slim :)

I am desperate to get this weight off. New Year resolutions and all that, but seriously, this time I have to get it off for good. I am so sick of this endless yo-yo cycle of weight gain, weight loss. I have to approach this from a different perspective if I am to ever accomplish the holy grail of weight loss - goal weight.

So with this in mind, I have compiled a list of everything I can think of to tackle this head on. Here it is :
  • Jogging - outdoors, no cost involved, and no excuses apart from the monsoon rain!! 
  • Gym - lots of cardio, fat burning - stepper, stair master, cross trainer
  • Running - gym treadmill - intervals - hills and sprints
  • Ab work - can't see them at the moment, but they need to be ready for their moment!!
  • Green Tea - can't stand it, but I will literally try anything right now!!
  • Fat metabolisers - yep. Cheat it - science like
  • Water - drink lots of the wet stuff. Its supposed to help!!
  • Grapefruit - apparently it helps burn fat. Likewise celery
  • Exercise first thing before eating anything - negative calories burned! 
  • Do squats. Every day. 
  • Weights - arms, chest and back will benefit, plus burns calories
  • Low carb - keep it low. 
  • High protein - focus on the proteins. 
  • Move more - walk everywhere rather than drive
  • Smaller portions - cut portions down by a third
  • cut out snacks - apart from fruit
  • 5 a day - make sure to stock up on the fruit and veg
  • 3 Day Diet - 3 days on, 2 days off. Ongoing
  • Swimming - whenever I get the chance - home or away
  • Cycling - get my bike out, get on it
  • Kettle Bells. Ultimate fat burning and toning
  • Dancing - anywhere, anytime
  • Zumba - get my DVD out and burn it!! 
  • Gym classes - worth a try I suppose
  • Squash - oh yeah - chance to hit something hard! 
  • Weight watchers - yes, I know. But it works for me!! 
  • Cut down / cut out the alcohol. How many calories does that glass of wine contain!! 
  • Choose healthy options, and no starters or desserts
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