Thursday, 26 April 2018

Oh my word - Holibobs are booked!

Its been quite a while since my bones had some sunshine. Last August to be specific was the last time we ventured abroad - we usually get some winter sunshine either late in the year, or early - March / April time. However, we had issues finding a dog sitter that was worthy of our furry baby so she came first.

Finally, things fell into place for us and we were able to get us booked up and off we go in August! I'm so excited - not least because we are off to Gran Canaria where my holiday heart lives - its the best place and I love it, but also because little (not so little) G is coming with us. We've been to GC four times, but she's never been so that will make it better still!!

Now I just need to lose a couple of stone to get me bikini ready - the lack of holidays has seen my waistline expand and that needs to be addressed but never mind that - I am going on my holibobs!! Hoorah!!!

My Top 10 Sundaes

  • Oreo Cookies & Cream
  • Honeycomb explosion
  • Rocky Horror
  • Chocolate Ice Cream
  • Cookie Dough and Fudge
  • Hot Chocolate Fudge
  • Banana Split
  • Caramel Apple
  • Neopolitan
  • Eton Mess

National Days for April - Today is Pretzel Day

  • 1st April - April Fool's Day
  • 2nd April - Children's Book Day
  • 3rd April - Find a Rainbow Day
  • 4th April - Tell a Lie Day
  • 5th April - Caramel Day
  • 6th April - California Poppy Day
  • 7th April - No House Work Day
  • 8th April - Zoo Lover's Day
  • 9th April - Winston Churchill Day
  • 10th April - Sibling's Day
  • 11th April - Pet Day
  • 12th April - Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day
  • 13th April - Scrabble Day
  • 14th April - Dolphin Day
  • 15th April - Rubber Eraser Day
  • 16th April - Orchid Day
  • 17th April - Bat Appreciation Day
  • 18th April - Juggler's Day
  • 19th April - Garlic Day
  • 20th April - Look Alike Day
  • 21st April - Astronomy Day
  • 22nd April - Jelly Bean Day
  • 23rd April - Lover's Day
  • 24th April - Pigs in Blankets Day
  • 25th April - Penguin Day
  • 26th April - Pretzel Day
  • 27th April - Tell A Story Day
  • 28th April - Superhero Day
  • 29th April - Dance Day
  • 30th April - Honesty Day

My Travels in New York - Part 2 - Inside the QM2

Meeting the captain - very glamorous affair

The ship is very classy with live music of the more orchestral variety

The staff however, were great and made us feel special and welcome

It was so relaxing and tranquil

Harpist playing as we arrived for dinner

Beautiful decor and extravagant settings

The QM2 is out of the ordinary

Its a very special ship indeed

My Travels in New York - Part 1 - Aboard the QM2

This ship is huge towering above the dock - like a floating hotel

I couldn't believe the size of it

It dwarfed all the others ships at Southampton

We set off for New York just as the sun was lowering

Everyone was on deck to watch the harbour disappear behind us

The circumference of the ship was vast as we explored our home for the next few days

There were swimming pools - plural! including one out on the rear deck

The ship was so big, and as we headed out into the blue we were on an adventure. 

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Webkin's World : Squishy Kiosk Review and Giveaway

Webkin's World : Squishy Kiosk Review and Giveaway: Squishy Kiosk is a brand new online store that sells loads of super cute squishies. What is a squishy? I hear you ask. If you have k...

My Goals for 2018

  • Reach goal weight
  • Get a new car
  • Make my garden spectacular - statues, plants, design - underway and looking good! 
  • Get a new shower and renovate downstairs bathroom
  • Keep myself maintained - nails, hair, eyebrows and massages - look my best
  • Go to the gym / exercise at least 3 times per week
  • Regular sauna's and relaxation
  • Get writing again - short stories / articles
  • Go to amazing places - theatre, live music, cinema, comedians 
  • Get outdoors - every weekend - every day possible
  • Find new places and explore
  • Walk more
  • Drink less coffee and alcohol and more water
  • Spend less - be a savvy shopper
  • Save more - squirrel it away! 
  • Go somewhere lovely for a meal at least once a month
  • Plan our wedding for 2019
  • Decorate hall, stairs and landing - fabulous lights required! 
  • New job