Wednesday, 29 March 2017

My Book of the Month - The Teacher by Katerina Diamond

My book of the month for March is The Teacher by Katerina Diamond. Now, before I begin with this one, I must issue you this warning - this is seriously gruesome so be prepared if you decide to read this one!

So, it begins with a teacher. He is given a choice of a macabre tortured demise, or to escape that option by taking the only other way out - suicide. But is it really suicide when you have no choice? That's the dilemma this opens with and the shocks just keep coming.

This book explores the darker recesses of the human condition, with sadistic cult like behaviours, good versus evil, twisting and turning and you just do not see what is coming next.

Two disgraced cops are put together, but somehow they work together in a way where ultimately, they are forced to only be able to trust one another as the web spins wider and questions of trust hang over each and everyone of those around them.

As the perpetrator of the most heinous and graphic crimes, as the reader, you should be rooting for him to be caught, but this book is clever. Somehow setting the scene that the bad guy really isn't the bad guy. Will the police on the case catch him, and more importantly, will he be held accountable for his crimes?

I have not read a more thrilling thriller for a good many years. This is new, fresh, and the story line so clever, so scary and dark, and yet so well thought through - its a rare thing indeed.

I've not read any of Diamond's work before- a fact that will most certainly change in the future having read this one. Highly recommended to those with a strong stomach!

Unreasonable ebayers - Warning - this post contains moaning!!

WARNING - I am having a moan!!

Ok, so I sell my unwanted items on ebay. You know the sort of thing - jumpers that are too big, t-shirts that are too tight. As a perpetual yo-yo dieter, my wardrobe is full of things that don't fit me.

Most things I list for 99p and see what happens. It's a chance you take - sometimes they sell for more, sometimes you have to accept that its gone for a bargain.

This happened last week. I listed a jumper, and it sold for 99p. I put on the ad that it would be dispatched within 3 working days, would arrive within 7-8 working days.

The item ended at 9.30 on the Tuesday night. The buyer didn't pay until the following morning, Wednesday. On Thursday, I got a message via ebay demanding to know why it hadn't been dispatched yet. It was first thing on the Wednesday, not even 24 hours after payment. Being at work, I couldn't respond, so that evening I messaged back and said it would be in the post on Friday.

Friday, being the third working day. I did as I had said and posted the item at the post office on Friday lunch time. On the Saturday, the buyer messaged me again, demanding to know, again, where it was and why it hadn't arrived, and why I had only dispatched it on Friday.

Wanting to remain polite, I pointed out the listing which said dispatched within 3 working days, which it had been. I got a message back saying it was late being posted. I didn't reply as I couldn't figure why this person wasn't getting the point - it had been dispatched within the time scale. On Monday, I got another message advising that they would be opening a case against me, because it hadn't arrived.

This being the Monday, and the item ended at 9.30pm the previous Tuesday, so not even a week since it ended. I sent a message advising that it was now with the post service, but that the listing advised arrival within 7-8 working days. Monday was working day number 4!

Tuesday, I got another message saying the parcel had been damaged. I messaged asking if the item was ok, or if it was just the wrapping. I got a message just one word "wrapping".

I heard no more, but yesterday on my ebay account it said negative feedback had been left because an item was 1 week late arriving!! It wasn't even a week from the item ending, let alone a week late arriving!!

I mean for heaven's sake. Firstly, it was a 99p jumper. Secondly, I had sent it quickly, and it arrived quickly too. Why do people have to be so unreasonable?? Really does annoy me. GRRRRRR!!!!!!

 Rant over. THE END. X

Wedding Songs - the fun ones for our wedding - the list so far

Mike Posner - Pill in Ibiza
ACDC - Thunderstruck
Robbie Williams - Bodies
Justin Timberlake - Can't Stop the Feeling
Cake by the Ocean - DNCE

Reason Number 2 to stick to my Diet - I want to be size 10/12

Number 2
#Reason No 2 - I want to be a Size 10/12

My intention to think of a reason every day to stick to my diet. 

If I can keep this thought in mind for each whole day, I hope it will be enough to keep me motivated and inspired.

Reason Number 2 is that I have reached a Size 12 once or twice, but never maintained it, and I need to be a bit smaller still. So size 10/12 is the goal. 

3 weeks to go - the race is on!!

I go on holiday in 3 weeks. Somehow, the diet and fitness plan just hasn't worked this time. My weight hasn't budged, and despite being healthy, I have not changed weight. I have exercised, and instead of the scales going down, they have gone up!

I do feel more streamlined, I do feel better, I do feel stronger and fitter. But those damned scales!! So now the holiday is imminent - time for a concerted effort.

I did consider the old faithful - the 3 day diet. However, on last attempts, it hasn't been a resounding success - quite the opposite. Rather than lose big amounts, I have either lost a pitiful pound or two, or worse still after 3 days of misery and practically starvation, I have actually, unbelievably, gained weight!! I have no idea what happened - possibly my metabolism fighting back thinking my body is starving - who knows. What I do know is that particular approach isn't an option this time.

So where does that leave me? Well, in short, where it leaves me is the wrong side of the stone mark, and with no choice but to go cardio crazy. If I can't lose weight through the nil by mouth approach, or by being healthy on the food choices, then it has to be exercise to break the status quo.

I shall endeavour to get my cardio in at least once, if not twice a day for 3 weeks. If nothing else, I will be stronger, more toned and in better shape than I am right now, even if the scales still refuse to budge.

Exercise has to be the key this time. And when I get back of course - this isn't just for holiday, its just that the holiday is imminent!!

Win Smeg Appliances

Win Smeg Appliances

Learning Spanish - 3 new words and phrases for this week

  • July - julio
  • Tired - cansado
  • Speak - hablar
  • Mirror - espejo
  • Small - pequeña
  • Amazing - asombroso
  • Sunglasses - gafas de sol 
  • Toilet - inodoro
  • Excuse me - disculpe
  • Tasty - sabroso
  • Mountain - montaña
  • How far is - que tan lejos esta
  • Waves - olas
  • Sandwich - emparedado
  • Roof - techo
  • Blanket - cobija
  • Eight - ocho
  • Forgot - olvidó
  • Woman - mujer
  • Night - noche
  • Another - otro
  • September - septiembre
  • Hands - manos
  • Flight - vuelo
  • Laugh - risa
  • Sing - canta
  • Can I have the bill - Me puede traer la cuenta
  • Spoon - cuchara
  • Black - negro
  • Bread - pan de molde
  • April - abril
  • Five - cinco
  • Sand - arena
  • Hot - caliente
  • Ear - oreja
  • Dark - oscuro
  • Like - me gusta
  • Sick - enfermo
  • Spicy - picante
  • Kettle - tetera
  • Flowers - flores
  • Sunbathe - tomar el sol
  • Feet - pies
  • December - diciembre
  • Cake - pastel
  • Fireworks - fuegos articiales
  • Rain - lluvia
  • Dress - el vestido
  • Year - año
  • Door - puerta
  • My name is - me llamo
  • Cooking - cocina
  • Four - cuatro
  • August - agosto
  • Massage - el masaje
  • Back - espalda
  • Purple - púrpura
  • Fork - tenedor
  • Knife - cuchillo
  • Three - tres
  • Dog - perro
  • January - enero
  • Stars - estrellas
  • Dancing - bailando
  • Brown - marrón
  • Two - dos
  • Spring - primavera
  • Crisps - patatas fritas
  • Friday - viernes
  • The Menu -La carta 
  • Bed - cama
  • Strawberry - fresa
  • Windy - ventoso
  • Can I have? - puedo tener
  • Bottle - botella
  • Birthday - cumpleaños
  • Green - verde
  • Ten - diez
  • Thursday - jueves
  • March - marzo
  • Umbrella - paraguas
  • November - noviembre
  • Autumn - el otoño
  • One - uno
  • Soap - jabon
  • Wednesday - miércoles
  • Cold - frio
  • Boat - barco
  • Hotel Room - habitación de hotel
  • Newspaper - periódico
  • Man - hombre
  • Walk - caminar
  • Shop - tienda
  • Running - corriendo
  • Cat - gato
  • Swim - nadar
  • What time is it? - que hora es?
  • Big - grande
  • Cloud - nube
  • Pink - rosa
  • Silver - plata
  • Pepper - pimienta
  • Omelette - tortilla
  • Shower - ducha
  • Tuesday - martes
  • Ice - hielo
  • Beautiful - hermosa
  • Awake - despierto
  • Love - amor
  • Shoes - zapatos
  • Money - dinero
  • Hat - sombrero
  • Monday - lunes
  • Glass - vaso
  • Water - agua
  • Sleep - dormir
  • Chicken - pollo
  • Sun - sol
  • Ice-cream - helado
  • Seat - asiento
  • Gold - oro
  • Sunday - domingo
  • Hair - cabello
  • Book - el libro
  • Garden - el gardin
  • Bathroom - el baño
  • Nude - desnudo
  • Towel - toalla
  • Sea - mar
  • What's your name? - Como se llama?
  • Cheers - Salud
  • Wine - el vino
  • Good - bueno
  • Beer - cerveza
  • Cheese - queso
  • Suitcase - maleta
  • Blue - azul
  • White - blanco
  • Where is? - dónde está?
  • Market - el mercado
  • Swimming Pool - la piscina
  • Saturday - sábado
  • Winter - invierno
  • English - inglés
  • I want one - Quiero uno
  • How much does it cost? - Cuánto cuesta
  • Tomorrow - mañana
  • Good evening - Buenas Noches
  • You're welcome - de nada
  • I'm sorry - lo siento
  • Please - Por favor
  • Thankyou - Gracias
  • Beach - La playa
  • Hello - Hola
  • Good morning - Buenos días
  • Goodbye - Adios