Wednesday, 28 September 2016

My Sci-Fi Film Reviews

After Earth
Thor: the Dark World
Titanic - classic film
White House Down

Places I want to go in 2016 - review

Places we want to go in 2016
  • York
  • Lake District
  • Liverpool
  • Glasgow
  • Aberdeen
  • West End Show in London
  • Cornwall
  • Nottingham
  • Eden Project
  • Harry Potter World - COMPLETE
  • Scotland

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

What Can I do to get slim, fit and strong??

I have a dream, as a man once said. Its true, I do. I dream of having a banging bod, a bikini body no less. Strong, fit and slim. I think its fair to say, that at the moment, right now, as I write these very words, that I do not have that body. It is, alas, a dream still.

So how do I get my flabby ass, currently resting itself up on the recliner, off the sofa and into the gym? I think I need a plan. Yes, that might help. So here are my ideas of what I can do, when I might be able to do it, and what might, just might, be accomplish-able.

  • Jogging - outdoors, no cost involved, and no excuses apart from the monsoon rain!! 
  • Gym - lots of cardio, fat burning - stepper, stair master, cross trainer
  • Running - gym treadmill - intervals - hills and sprints
  • Ab work - can't see them at the moment, but they need to be ready for their moment!!
  • Green Tea - can't stand it, but I will literally try anything right now!!
  • Fat metabolisers - yep. Cheat it - science like
  • Water - drink lots of the wet stuff. Its supposed to help!!
  • Grapefruit - apparently it helps burn fat. Likewise celery
  • Exercise first thing before eating anything - negative calories burned! 
  • Do squats. Every day. 
  • Weights - arms, chest and back will benefit, plus burns calories
  • Low carb - keep it low. 
  • High protein - focus on the proteins. 
  • Move more - walk everywhere rather than drive
  • Smaller portions - cut portions down by a third
  • cut out snacks - apart from fruit
  • 5 a day - make sure to stock up on the fruit and veg
  • 3 Day Diet - 3 days on, 2 days off. Ongoing
  • Swimming - whenever I get the chance - home or away
  • Cycling - get my bike out, get on it
  • Kettle Bells. Ultimate fat burning and toning
  • Dancing - anywhere, anytime
  • Zumba - get my DVD out and burn it!! 
  • Gym classes - worth a try I suppose
  • Squash - oh yeah - chance to hit something hard! 
  • Weight watchers - yes, I know. But it works for me!! 
  • Cut down / cut out the alcohol. How many calories does that glass of wine contain!! 
  • Choose healthy options, and no starters or desserts
If I think of anything else, I shall add it to my list :) C'mon beach body!! 

Missing Sleep: Win a Braun Body Grooming Kit (RRP £129.99)

Missing Sleep: Win a Braun Body Grooming Kit (RRP £129.99): Braun have recently launched six fantastic new products as part of their Braun Styling range and to celebrate I have a fabulous Braun Body...

Daily Positivity Post

Time for today's daily positivity post. Its Tuesday, so not quite half way through the week, but I have Friday off as leave so technically, for me, its hump day!! So that's lovely - a day early.

The scales are a bit heavier than I want them to be, but my head is on track now. I've had a big plate of veg tonight and I feel healthy.

I am also being very organised this year. I have already placed my shopping delivery orders for the day I get back off hols, and also for my Christmas shop. How fabulous is that?

My puppy continues to make me feel happy and positive too. Long may that continue :)

10 Retro Singles of the Week so far

#10 The Human League - Don't You Want Me
#9 Maroon 5 - She Will Be Loved
#8 The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition
#7 Radiohead - Karma Police
#6 Massive Attack - Unfinished Sympathy
#5 REM - Everybody Hurts
#4 Shakespears Sister
#3 Elbow - One Day Like This
#2 Baz Luhrman - Sunscreen
#1 No Doubt - Don't Speak 1997

What I'm Watching

  • The Walking Dead. We have started again in readiness for the next series. We are on series 2 and even though I know roughly what happens, from memory, its been a while. In any case, its still a fabulous series, full of great characters, and gruesomeness!! Fabulous 

  • Ray Donovan. Totally up to speed now and absolutely gutted as no more episodes to watch. This was a series I had not heard of when we started to watch series 1. Fast forward to now and its right up there with my all time favourites. Gangster, criminals, family life, adultery, betrayal, murder, sex, scandal and a great looking main character in the form of Liev Schreiber!! 

  • Grand Designs and a Place in the Sun. I am obsessed with the idea of dream homes - home or away. Beautiful buildings and foreign climes - perfect watching :)